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A fetal heart rate monitor you can use at home!


What makes fetalbeats the perfect gift?

Many baby shower or pregnancy gifts are meant for after the baby is born, but the final months of pregnancy can be the most stressful. That’s why FetalBeats is the perfect gift! It allows moms-to-be to know their baby is healthy and strong, providing unparalleled peace of mind. Give the gift of reassurance and joy with FetalBeats, the ultimate present for any expectant mother.

During lockdown fetalbeats gave my family the opportunity to be a part of my pregnancy even though they were across the country. Thank you so much!

Samantha C.

Peace of mind

Why you need fetalbeats if you are pregnant and over 35!

The last trimester of pregnancy is especially important to monitor for mothers over 35 due to increased risks of complications such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and high blood pressure. Regular monitoring ensures healthy fetal growth, proper placental function, and helps manage risks of preterm labor. It also allows healthcare providers to prepare for potential delivery complications and provides reassurance and peace of mind to the mother. Read more to understand the importance of monitoring during this crucial period.

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Fetal Beats

A Bridge for Maternity Patients and Physicians

Digital health and telemedicine have revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered and received. In the field of maternity care, Fetalbeats.com has emerged as a game-changer, providing a bridge between expecting mothers and their physicians. Pregnancy is a crucial and delicate period in a woman's life. Monitoring the baby's heartbeat is a vital aspect of ensuring the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby. The Fetal Beats fetal heart rate monitoring system provides an easy and convenient way for expectant mothers to monitor their baby's heartbeat from the comfort of their own home. Fetalbeats.com offers a unique, user-friendly platform that allows expecting mothers to use a fetal heart rate monitoring device in the comfort of their own home.

The device connects to the Fetalbeats.com website, where the data is analyzed and can be shared with the patient's physician. This eliminates the need for frequent office visits and allows for remote monitoring of the baby's heartbeat.One of the main benefits of using Fetalbeats.com is the peace of mind it can provide for expecting mothers. Many women face challenges during their pregnancies, such as high-risk conditions or complications. The ability to regularly monitor the baby's heartbeat can help alleviate some of the anxiety and uncertainty that can come with these challenges.Fetalbeats.com also offers a secure and encrypted platform for physicians to access and view the data, which allows them to make informed decisions and provide better care for their patients. This innovative platform also allows for real-time communication between the patient and physician, which can help to quickly address any concerns or issues that may arise.In conclusion, Fetalbeats.com is a vital tool for expecting mothers and their physicians. It offers a convenient and easy way to monitor the baby's heartbeat and provides a secure platform for real-time communication and data sharing.

With Fetalbeats.com, expecting mothers can have peace of mind and physicians can provide better care for their patients.

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