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The Original Fetal Monitor App

Record, Play & Share Your Baby’s Heartbeat

FetalBeats is a revolutionary new smart-phone App and Fetal Heart Rate monitoring system. It is created to provide expectant parents with peace of mind by allowing them to hear their babies heartbeat from the privacy of their own home.

Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or just want to connect with your baby, you will love listening to, recording, and sharing your babies heartbeat with loved ones using our app and Fetal Doppler System!

No Communication Limits

It is important to know that unborn babies can feel their mother’s emotions, happy or sad. Pregnancy can be a stressful time of transition in life for mothers and fathers. The unborn baby is good at protecting itself from stress, but if it gets to be too much, the baby will feel the effects.. Fetal beats allows the expectant parents to Listen, Record, and Share your babies heartbeats with your loved ones.

Connect With Your Baby! 

You will love listening to, recording, and sharing your babies heartbeat with loved ones using our app and Fetal Doppler System!

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The Most Powerful Fetal Doppler System

Fetal Beats App uses an FDA approved Fetal Doppler which easily connects using our patented audio convertor which allows for clear sounds to be inputted into your device.

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Download & Connect to Any Smartphone

Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or simply want to connect with your baby before birth, you will love listening to, recording and sharing your baby’s heartbeat with your loved ones using our iOS and Android app.

Peace of mind, one heartbeat at a time

Anything that can relieve stress will make for a better pregnancy. Fetal Beats equips the expectant parents with the ability to Listen in the tiny heart beats of your baby anytime in order to reassure yourself that everything is fine.

Order Fetal Beats!

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The Original Fetal Monitor App

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I would like to send the recorded heart beat of my Baby to my friends and family, How do I do that?

Once you have launched the app on your device you will be able to detect your babies heartbeat and be able to record it and email or upload it to most Social Media Sites.

Do you offer an ANDROID version of the Fetal Beats App?

Yes! Android version is available in the Google Playstore!

What versions of the iPhone are compatible with the Fetal Beats App?

FetalBeats is consistently updating our App so that is stays current and available to use on the latest iPhone or iPad..

How long will the Fetal Beats Monitor take to ship once I place my order?

The Fetal Beats Monitor takes about 3-7 business days to arrive to any destination in North America depending on shipping method.

Do I have to pay for the Fetal Betas Application Software (FB APP.)?

No! The Fetal Beats App is a free download, however, it only works with our Fetal Beats Monitor.

Can I use my Fetal Beats Monitor with my latest Smart Phone or Tablet?2017-05-03T23:05:20+00:00

Yes! Fetal Beats works with all smart phones which allow you to download application software such as Apple or Android and iPad, iPad2 and Tablets.  Fetalbeats is constantly upgrading to give it’s users an outstanding experience.

Can this monitor and application software be used for more than one pregnancy?

Yes! The Fetal Beats Monitor and Application software can be used over and over.  If you run out of Ultrasound Gel, you can just re-order it again online through our website.  If any updates are required for the Application Software you will be notified on you Smart Phone or Tablet.

Is it safe to use the monitor on my belly?

Yes, our monitor uses the same technology used by Doctors and Midwives who use monitors with low-frequency ultrasound waves which ‘bounce off’ tissue and blood in the body.  The waves are translated into the sounds of a baby’s heartbeat. We always recommend putting your phone in “airplane mode” to ensure that the only waves being transmitted are those from the Doppler.

How does ordering the monitor and using it with my smart phone help me detect my babies heart beat?2017-05-03T23:03:33+00:00

Great question! Once you download the Fetalbeats App you will be able to connect your smart phone or tablet as per the instructions which are available with the Fetalbeats kit and within the App itself.