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FetalBeats is a revolutionary new smart-phone App and Fetal Heart Rate monitoring system. It is created to provide expectant parents with peace of mind by allowing them to hear their babies heartbeat from the privacy of their own home.

Whether you have a high risk pregnancy or just want to connect with your baby, you will love listening to, recording, and sharing your babies heartbeat with loved ones using our app and Doppler system!

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Dragon's Den

We were featured and successfully pitched FetalBeats on the Season 8 premiere of Dragon's Den!
Special Note

FDA Approved!

Please note that Health Canada has determined that this product is not a medical device; it is meant for entertainment purposes only and should never replace regular medical care. This device allows the mother to connect with her unborn baby by hearing the heartbeat and sharing it with loved ones.
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Track Baby's Heartbeat!

Plug in your FetalBeats monitor to hear your baby anytime, anywhere! With the fetalbeats doppler, you simply launch the app on your smartphone and have instant access to your baby’s heartbeat.
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Customize for Your Baby!

Customize the settings in the app to best fit you and your baby; even better, all settings can be easily modified at any time based on your preferences!
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Record, listen and share your baby’s heartbeat instantly! Logging your baby’s heartbeat is both useful for medical appointments, as well as a fun way to track your baby’s development. You can instantly share your recording with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email.
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Share Your Baby's Heartbeat

Instantly share your baby's heartbeat with friend and family via email or social media!
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FAQ's and Support

Have questions or need help? Access our in-app FAQ's or get in touch with our support staff for quick, friendly support! We'll answer any questions you have and help you get the most out of your FetalBeats experience!
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Pregnancy Info & FAQ's

Get general information and advice for your pregnancy, such as what to expect at various stages in your pregnancy!

Customize, Record, Play & Share!

Watch the video to learn more about the FetalBeats app and Monitor Kit!
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